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What is HTML?

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What is HTML?

Post by Sfinx on Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:02 am

This word is short name for Hyper Text Markup Language. This is a web programming language for designing web pages and it is client side language.

With HTML you can design the shape of your pages in your own idea.

Starting HTML

For making your pages work you need something to do:

• First Choose a good editor:

The simplest and easiest editor for HTML coding is Microsoft Notepad. You can access it in start menu.

Another Choice is Notepad++.You can download it from Here. This is good for beginners too but it is more complex.

There are other types of editors with different capabilities and you can find them easily on the internet!

In these tutorials we suggest Microsoft Notepad.

• Making and viewing your pages:

In order to make a HTML page just open the Notepad and then choose save from file menu. Choose one location of your hard disk. Choose favorite name with the '.html' or '.htm' at the end (ex: 'Index.htm'). Then choose 'All Files (*.*)' from 'Save as Type' drop down combo box. And then click 'Save'.

For viewing your pages you need an 'Microsoft Internet Explorer' or other Web Browsers, Such as 'Mozilla Firefox', 'Opera', 'Netscape' or … . When you have them installed on your computer, by double clicking on the saved files, it opens and shows you your works.

That's it! You can now begin your e-learning and start making your first page.

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